Becoming A Guardian Home

When getting a dog with us through the guardian home program, you are paying no cost for them. 

You are though taking on the role of training courses, routine vet visits, and grooming. We of course take care of progesterone testing, and any vet visits related to pregnancy. 

A guardian home family, is just that "their family". You truly get to be there for absolutely everything. When you take on the role as a guardian family you are allowing your dog to continue to be part of our breeding program, and come to our home 6-12 weeks out of the year.  You get to be as involved with the process as you'd like to be, and visit the puppies and momma anytime! Some families might use this time to plan vacations, and enjoy a little more freedom where other families might want to come along with the process, and come visit and play with the new puppies! 

Normally our moms have about 6 litters, but that is all dependent on their health. Once our contract is up, momma is spayed and she gets to continue to stay with her family! We do get attached, and will encourage visits anytime, because they become such a big part of our family too! 


Nelson Creek Farms is actively looking for guardian homes for our dogs within our program. It's crucial to us that our dogs have everything they need, and that is including love and attention. Placing our dogs with guardian homes means that they get all of that. They get to be in a home with a family that has all the time in the world for them, all the love to give, and they get to stay with that family forever. 

Some things that we are looking for in a guardian home are 

1. Someone who is looking to add to their family. You must own your home, only have one other dog in the home (that is fixed), and be able to be home most of the day. 
2. Someone who is very good at communicating, and  lives within 80 miles of Hunstville, TX. 
3. You must be willing to put your dog through training, and be consistent with grooming and vet visits (not pregnancy related) 

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What is a guardian Home?