Come meet Our pups!

Come see if adpoting one of our pups is for you  

Come get to know our pups! We sure love them, and I know you will too. 

Archie is our apricot maltipoo MALE. He's the happiest boy, and is so energetic. He loves to play, and he listens so well. He loves meeting new people, and will even show off with a dance. 

Lola is our black maltipoo FEMALE. She's a lover, cuddler, and anything that involves you. She's calm, quiet, and such a lady. She'd much rather go on slow walks, and cuddle up with you than play. She's our responsible girl, and is the best momma. 

Millie is our parti colored moyen poodle FEMALE. She is absolutely gorgeous, and is pure perfection. She is extremely soft, carries amazing genes. She's laid back, and loves to just do whatever you are doing.  She is a momma to maltipoos and poodles! 

Aurora is our black abstract maltipoo FEMALE. She's absolutely gorgeous, and is such a smart girl. She is the sweetest thing. She loves a good cuddle, but wants to go for runs too! She will have maltipoo puppies!