How To Adopt

Our pricing regardless of size and color is $4,000. A $500 non refundable reservation fee is required to reserve your spot on our waiting list, and that will be deducted from the puppy's purchase price.  Nelson Creek Farms doodles will be sold on a strict Spay/Neuter Agreement.

If you are able to pick up your puppy, we will arrange that. If you live out of state and need delivery, we are more than happy to help your puppy get to you. We have two options! First option is us flying to you. Your puppy will fly in cabin with myself or a flight nanny. We do not leave their side, until they get to you! We will not ship our puppies, as it is very traumatizing for them. The second option is you flying into an airport near Nelson Creek Farms. We will meet you there with your puppy, and you can travel home with your puppy as a carry on pet. 

A lot happens their first 8-10 weeks of life, and it's important to me that you know all about it! It's important to me that you see what all they are doing daily! Our puppies are raised on the BA Breeder Advanced Puppy Curriculum and then they move on to Bella and Baxter before going home. We start preparing your puppy at 3 days old to be able to handle any situation. We do sound desensitization as soon as their ears open until the day they go home. We do ESI and ENS training, crate training, and start potty training. We start potty training at 4 weeks with an indoor grass pad. Once the puppies are 7 weeks old we move completely to potty training outdoors. We teach them sit before they leave. and we start that early by not allowing anyone attention until they are calm and sit. Each day your puppy will get one on one training from 6 weeks up where we focus on calm behavior in the crate, potty training, chewing only on toys, and small commands like sit, drop it, and down. We go on car rides and go on walks in a carrier and stroller.  We spend a large amount of time ensuring your puppy goes home well rounded, and confident. We share all about our trainings on Instagram, and I encourage you to check that out! You will also receive weekly emails about your puppy!  

As a family it's crucial that you make a well informed decision when picking your puppy. It can be easy to get caught up on looks but temperament is truly so important. That is why we do evaluations, and health checks. After 8 weeks of trainings, it can be go home day! On go home day not only will you get your precious pup, but you will get a bag full of amazing things to help your puppy grow in your home! They will be up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and come with a 2 year health guarantee. You will get a folder with tips to help you, a collar and leash, snuggle puppy, toys, and blanket! 

             W A I T   L I S T  &  R E S E R V A T I O N   F E E   

Step One :     Start by filling out our application. Once you have filled out the application, you will receive an email with the next steps. 

Step Two :    Wait to hear back from us through email before submiting a deposit to us. Once you get an approval/refusal email from us we will move forward. 

Step Three :    Submit your reservation fee after having a conversation with us through email. Please be sure to read through the Reservation Contract carefully so that you completely understand it. 

Step Four :    Now, we wait. This is definitely the hardest part, but so darn worth it. Be sure you start thinking about what you'd like to look for in a pup. I know it can be easy to care all about looks, or convenience but that truly won't help you get the perfect pup for your home. Take notes on temperament you'd love, and what you look forward to in having a dog. Consider your lifestyle, and what kind of dog will fit best into that. 

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